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- U. S. Army -
PFC Ranall Barletta
Attn: Any Soldier®
15th Finacne BN
B Det
(Address is expired)
Added here: 24 October 2006
End date: 20 Feb 2007
Where in Iraq: Near Taji (3*)
Contact for approx number of Males: 10, Females: 5 (4*)
Unit is from: Texas (5*)

Note: Soldier dropped from this list on 20 Feb 2007 due to 60 days of no contact.

From the Soldier:

22 Dec 2006:
Thank you for everything that has been sent. We are very thankful for everything that everyone has done. We would like to wish everyone a happy holidays and we will try to post a picture of the bulldogs soon.
Again, Thank you

Randall Barletta

24 Oct 2006
Hi, I'm PFC Barletta and I'm representing the 15th Finance BN out of Fort Hood Texas. We are supporting soldiers here in Taji. Our living conditions aren't too bad. We are living in trailers, they are kinda small but they are livable. We have a mix of males and females. I think a couple people have microwaves but most of us dont. For the most part we are looking for basic things, body wash, toothpaste, face wash, deoderant, lotion, shampoo. As for food, boxed food (wheat thins, cheese its, etc), beef jerky, anything that can be added to water (gatorade, kool aid, etc). Also any magazines and other morale items are apprciated. Any extra materials that we receive or items we cant use we plan on putting out in the finance office for other soldiers to take. So nothing will go to waste. We thank you in advance and look forward to returning home safe and sound.

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(1.): Why are military addresses weird? There isn't a street address or city. What gives? Correct, just about everything about the military is weird to civilians. Military units are very mobile, during war they move around a lot, often they become part of even another unit. The APO (Army Post Office) and FPO (Fleet Post Office) assign APO and FPO numbers as needed, they are NOT static. An APO number may be for a large unit, or a location. An APO number for Baghdad today may be for Frankfurt tomorrow.

(2.): The "Expected to leave" date is only an approximate and is one of the least reliable things on this web site. It is because of this that you must check often before you send anything to this unit. There are a few reasons this date is not reliable, to include: it IS a war, it IS the military, we ARE dealing with the APO. The only thing that does not change in the military is that things will change. PLEASE NOTE that a soldier will be dropped off our active list 30 days PRIOR to their end date to avoid mail bouncing.

(3.): This is an approximate location. Due to safety and security concerns may not be their exact location

(4.): The lines, "Contact with approx number of soldiers:" and "Approx how may female soldiers:" have NOTHING to do with unit strength. They are approximately how many other soldiers the contacts believe they can get packages to. This helps you understand that you should not send 100 packages to someone who only deals with 10 soldiers.
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(7.): Updated APO/FPO/DPO mailing restrictions courtesy of (gone now) (Note: About Restriction "U2": "U2 - Limited to First Class Letters", Box "R" is for retired personnel that live overseas and are still authorized an APO/FPO box. Their address will be something like Box 3345R. Doubt you will see anything like that in Afghanistan or Iraq or ...)(Please Note: Sometime in August 2013, changed the code on their page and our form doesn't work with them anymore, so a link to their page is the best we can do, sorry.)

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