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SGT Stephen R. Maddies
- U. S. Army -
SGT Stephen R. Maddies
(Address not available.)
Added here: 02 February 2005
End date: 03 Apr 2005
Where in Country: (Removed for OPSEC reasons)
Contact for approx number of Males: 84, Females: 0
Unit is from:

Note: SGT Stephen R. Maddies was dropped from this list on 03 Apr 2005 due to 60 days of no contact.

02 Feb 2005:
We are from Bristol,Tn,. we are an all male unit we have 1 microwave for 84 soldiers, and the chow hall food is mermited in everyday, which means alot of us don't eat in the messhall so we get stuff from the PX or bum off of each others care packages from home, we cook in our MWR/TOC area when we have the resources we have 2 crock pots and a griddle, we eat alot of grilled cheese sandwiches.Our unit is separated from the rest of our regiment which is the 278th ACR and we like it like that,meaning we do our everyday job without the brass tasking us with nonsence. My unit has no idea that i'm doing this so it would be a suprise to them,I am a gunner on our hummer and I love my job, we are a mix of tankers and scouts without the tanks and bradleys but I like just the same, Baghdad is not as bad as the news lets on, don't get me wrong people get hurt everyday it seems like but there is alot of good things going in here so tell everyone that all of this is not in vain. I would like to thankyou for all of the support you all have shown us troops over here,it really means alot to us, sincerly Sgt. Stephen R. Maddies

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