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Jonathan W. Dean
- U. S. Army -
Jonathan W. Dean
(Address not available.)
Soldier's Title: Military Police
Added here: 10 February 2006
End date: 01 Jun 2006
Where in Country: (Removed for OPSEC reasons)
Contact for approx number of Males: 15, Females: 0
Unit is from: Kentucky

02 Apr 2006:
I have been working 17 hour days. This letter is just to thank all of those that have sent letter and packages and thank everyone that is taking part in this organization. The thing that yall are doing help in so many ways the letters from the little kids thanks us for what we do means so much when you are having a bad day and give you the strength to drive on.

We have more people now than we had the last time i set this up. Things we need are air freshners, Mach 3 razors and shaving cream, shampoo and conditoner, and air freshners and glade spray and frebrezee is greatly appreciated. It smells terrible here.

But in closing remember all of us in yalls thoughts and prayers. And thanks for every thing May God Bless all of yall.


Spc Dean

10 Feb 2006
Frebreeze, air freshers, toothpaste, tooth brushes, deorant, mouth wash, shampoo and condithoner, razor and shaveing cream, dental floss, and keep us all in all of your prayes.


PFC Dean

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