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1SG Justin Hanson
- U. S. Army -
1SG Justin Hanson
(Address not available or expired.)
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(This address has been requested 148 times.) (NOTE **)
Soldier's Title: First Sergeant
APO/FPO: APO AE (Note 1*)
Added here: 25 October 2017
End date: 03 May 2018 (Note 3*)
Contact for approx number of Males: 48, Females: 0 (Note 5*)
Unit is from: Georgia (Note 6*)

Note: 1SG Justin Hanson was dropped from this list on 02 Jun 2018 due to 60 days of no contact.

03 Apr 2018:

Summer like temperatures are here. The Ravens have adjusted well to the abrupt change in weather in this region. Sun, dust and wind are now a normal part of life for the Soldiers. They have come up with some very clever ways to improve their work areas though. Last month the constructed a camouflaged screen to cover their main work area giving them both shade and shelter from the wind and dust. Soldiers become very resourceful when they are in these types of environments.

The Ravens have been busy bees flying their aircraft every day and keeping them in tip top shape. Many of them have even said they prefer the constant flow of work when we are here versus back in the U.S., but they definitely miss being near family and friends.

We appreciate the love and support that we have received from Any Soldier. Thank you for what you have done for us.

1SG Justin Hanson

26 Feb 2018

Thank you so much for your support. We appreciate your support and everything that everyone has done for us.

It is now the transition period between winter and spring here. Temperatures are starting to rise and it no longer freezes at night. We never got any snow here, just rain and dust. The Soldiers have gone from being completely bundled up all night long while at work to almost summer time conditions in less than a week. Some like it better cold and some like it better hot, so there is always somebody not happy here. Our Soldiers from Puerto Rico are especially thankful to those that sent the hand warmers. They used those on a daily basis when it was cold. The leftovers we will hang on to and pass on to our replacements here so that they will be warm next year.

Valentines came and went in a flash. If we didn't get any Valentine's treats I think that most of us would have forgot about it. We are so busy here sometimes that every day seems like it is the same. That helps morale by keeping everyone busy. I can't imagine being over here and not being busy every day.

Thanks again for the support and we appreciate everything that you have done for us over here.

1SG Justin Hanson

14 Jan 2018

Charlie Company is now three months into the deployment. The Soldiers have been performing their missions with vigor and precision. I have attached two photos of our Soldiers receiving awards for their actions in combat. I have also attached a photo from a flight and the crew preparing to fly just prior.

The Soldiers have made it through the holiday season, which can be tough especially for the younger Soldiers who have not spent a holiday away from home like that. We made it through and the care packages sent to us helped a lot with that.

Afghanistan is an interesting place with very extreme temperature changes in the winter time. At night our Soldiers are bundled up with hats, gloves, coats and scarves, and during the day since it gets up to 70 degrees they are stripping off layers of clothes while they work. Many times the difference between the day and night temperature can be anywhere from 30-50 degrees difference!

We appreciate the support that you have provided us. Thank you for what you do.

1SG Justin Hanson

12 Dec 2017

Since our last correspondence the Soldiers of Charlie Company are functioning like a well-oiled machine. They are fixing their aircraft, flying missions and asking for seconds. The temperatures have dropped in Afghanistan, but you wouldn't know it in Charlie Company. During the night the temperatures dip down into the mid 20's and then back up to about 60 degrees by the afternoon. Quite the change we go through each day. They are bundled up at night and the early morning, then shedding layers at lunch time. There is no snow or precipitation where we are, but every now and then we get some clouds over us that look like they are almost ready to rain down on us.

For many of the Soldiers this will be their first holiday season spent outside of the USA. They are in good spirits though as things like Facebook and text apps allow them to stay in touch with their families. We are overwhelmed by the support that we have received from Any Soldier. We hope that everyone at Any Soldier has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season. Thank you for what you do.

Attached is a photo of a Charlie Company Aircraft about to take off on a flight this morning.

1SG Justin Hanson

14 Nov 2017



Since our last update the Soldiers have started receiving packages from Any Soldier. They were elated to open them and we honored by how generous the people behind your organization are. They set up shelves in our office and organized all of the items sent to distribute to our Soldiers in the company.

The Soldiers settled in and have been busy every day fixing and flying on their helicopters each day. They are busy which helps the time to pass by. The weather has changed hereto become more Fall like. The temperatures drop down into the 40's at night and heat back up during the day. It has been a pleasant change since when they first arrived it was hot and dusty the whole time. We even got our first rainfall last night!

The Soldiers wanted to say thank you for what you do. They appreciate the love and support they get.

1SG Justin Hanson

25 Oct 2017

I am First Sergeant representing a Black Hawk helicopter company from Georgia. We have been stationed away from home for about a month now. My Soldiers live in an open bay room where they have a bed and a wall locker. We have power and lights etc. So we have most everything that you would need to live, but there is limited access to comfort items and hygiene products at our location. Regardless of that fact my Soldiers remain in high spirits and are accomplishing their mission on a daily basis. We are all proud to be a part of this unit to serve our country. Knowing that we are supported by people back home makes that much sweeter.

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