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SGT Candace N. Blake
- U. S. Army -
SGT Candace N. Blake
(Address not available or expired.)
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(This address has been requested 74 times.) (NOTE **)
APO/FPO: APO AE (Note 1*)
Added here: 21 September 2017
End date: 24 Nov 2017 (Note 3*)
Contact for approx number of Males: 4, Females: 2 (Note 5*)
Unit is from: Louisiana (Note 6*)

Note: SGT Candace N. Blake was dropped from this list on 24 Dec 2017 due to 60 days of no contact.

25 Oct 2017:

To whom it may concern;

Just wanted to write an update. The care packages are starting to roll in and thank you so much for all the wonderful things that have been sent. To try and express the feeling and energy in the office or room when the mail comes is hard to do. I am truly blessed to get to witness the joy of watching these soldiers open their care packages. The closest thing I can compare it to is like kids on Christmas morning. I’m not saying these soldiers are children. But the excitement, joy and sincerest appreciation on their face is truly something to behold. The energy in the air is almost tangible or palpable. They really enjoy the cards/letters or notes as much as the items in the boxes. The moral of each and every soldier is boosted knowing that there are people out there that appreciate their sacrifice and commitment and the job that they are doing. The soldiers look forward to when mail comes as the highlight of their week. It’s starting to get colder here so- so the blankets couldn’t have come at a better time. Now that we have received some power strips- everyone has a place to charge their phones and electronics to help them stay in touch with their family and friends back in the States. We can work more efficiently as well as some soldiers doing online classes in the bit of downtime. The snacks didn’t last very long. Everyone sharing and trading and eating it all up.

I am not sure if this where I am supposed to update the list of items requested. If not I apologize - but due to mission requirements- my unit and I had to change locations.(I mentioned that we changed locations. I just want to clarify that though we changed locations, the shipping address for care packages did not change and is still a good address for our soldiers. I personally escourt and deliver all the mail to the new location 2 times a week.) Our new home is very over crowded and has no px, the dining facility is having trouble keeping up with the demand so many of the soldiers are stuck eating MREs most days. I know it’s what we signed up for- but snack items to add some variety to their diet would be fantastic. We discovered that chocolate doesn’t ship well- it melts- and ends up being a large lump in the box. But chips, sunflower seeds, beef jerky, trail mix, peanuts/pistachio, granola bars, pop tarts, cereal bars fruit snacks, etc are fantastic to throw in our ducks and go. Also we are hurting for toiletry items such as q-tips, toothbrushes and tooth paste, shampoo and conditioners travel size, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, (we can never have enough baby wipes), soap, mouth wash, and foot powder. Also the soldiers would like some mio drink squeeze things to add to the water, Couple deck of cards, reading material/ word searches etc. if at all possible of course. We are still living and working in tents, and we are still unable to make food or cook- except microwaveable noodles. So ramen or “cup of noodles “ would be a treat here after eating MREs all day every day.

I hope this letter comes close to expressing our gratitude for past and future donations. I know it sounds like a lot, and we don’t expect everything, but whatever you can and would like to send would be greatly appreciated. Every little bit helps and nothing goes to waste. We are extremely grateful everyday for your continued support.

Very Respectfully,
Candace N Blake

21 Sep 2017
We are an ACtive Duty unit deployed to Iraq out of Fort Polk, LA. The soldiers of my unit are in various places. And some locations have more amenities than others. However, they all live in tents with 110 power. However power outlets are scarce. With many soldiers sharing the same one. More plugs would be ideal. They sleep on cots. No pillows available. Something soft (blanket or pillow would be nice) I don't want to send a shopping list. No stove, no cooking utensils or ability. 1 of the 3 locations has a px. But the 1 is very small with limited bare essentials. The guys at the the other two locations do not have a px and do not get an opportunity to rotate back here to utilize the px. They rely strictly on care packages. Which is who I am trying to be a contact for. We do have a laundry service. However drinks that replace electrolytes are hard to get. So Gatorade powder mixes would be nice. Snacks and cookies and beef jerky, tampons (multi pack), baby wipes, hand sanitizer, travel size hygiene products are very welcome. I am running out of room here. I hope this meets the criteria. Thank you so much for your support. Look forward to our monthly updates.

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