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Jacob Stigall
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Jacob Stigall
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Soldier's Title: Specialist
APO/FPO: APO AE (Note 1*)
Added here: 12 February 2017
Expect to not mail past: 11 Dec 2018 (See Note 3*)
Contact for approx number of Males: 80, Females: 20 (Note 5*)
Unit is from: (Note 6*)
Restrictions to this address: Here (Note 7*)
(Note: Addresses that have changed will be noted "Address Has Changed".)

19 Nov 2017:

Thank you so much to all who have contributed boxes, letters, and cards to the 601st! We apologize as we are in mission time and quite busy going into this holiday season! It really means a lot to be remembered!

Items the soldiers are asking for are items to stay warm. Hand Warmers, black socks, no logo, black gloves, hats, etc.

They also love all the snacks and food from back home! It is really appreciated!

Female soldiers are specifically asking for She-wee and diva cups/soft cups for hygiene related items to make fields a little less difficult during certain times since there is often no bathrooms. We have about 30 female soldiers at this time.

With the holidays coming, any holiday decorations(Christmas, Channakuh, Kawanzaa, Solstice, New Years, etc.), stockings, small stocking stuffers, etc are greatly appreciated.

Right now, our soldiers are also trying to rummage up ugly holiday sweaters for a small morale event we are planning.

Thank you so much from the 601st QM soldiers! All of you have made being away from loved ones and our country a little more bearable. Thank you!

21 Sep 2017

We are currently in heavy mission time. We have enough toiletries for everyone at this time. The only thing requested are womans, feminine products in that category. Other things the soldiers are looking for as it gets cold are gloves, hats, scarves, socks, small blankets, and hand/foot warmers. Bug spray is really needed as the mosquitos are horrible here. Sketchbooks, art supplies, puzzles, games, video games, headphones, books are always appreciated to keep everyone busy. They love the candy and food people have sent, it goes quickly! Specific region sauces and foods are really popular among soldiers, like chick fi li, whatsaburger fancy ketchup, Wendy's nugget sauce, chinese food sauces, etc. They also like ethnic foods they miss from home from cultures like Chinese, Korean, Philippine, Hawaiian, Southern, Mexican, etc. that they ask for. I don't know if that mean means flavors, seasonings, dry food, etc? Christmas Cards for soldiers to send home and post cards are always welcome.

17 Jul 2017

Thank you! We are currently in a mission in the field. We really appreciate the support and all those that still think of us soldiers! It means a lot in these times! The sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray are really helpful right now in the summer heat! Thank you so much!

22 May 2017
The soldiers morale is high thanks to all of you! They really appreciate all the care packages and the messages and cards that everyone has been sending! Especially during fields and missions! We apologize for the delay as everyone has been hard at work lately with mission-critical support. We are also doing our best to send out some thank you cards to show our appreciation. As soon as we can get our hands on some more stamps we'll be sending those! Thank you so much for all that you do! Right now, need for our unit are things to keep us cool outside! We'd love if anyone can send us sunscreen, sunglasses, cool/ice packs, reuseable water bottles, handheld fans, and other summer items as the heat starts to bare down on us! Some of the guys also asked if there's any chance of headphones or music to help pass the day quicker. They are happy to receive anything, especially food and cards! The female soldiers especially want to thank you for not forgetting them! They appreciate the thoughtfulness! They are often forgotten in a unit comprised of mostly men so they are extra appreciative that you remember them! Thank you all so much!

The cards from all the kids and supporters are amazing! They get some tears shed around here too! To see such young kids caring so much means a whole lot to us!

23 Mar 2017

The support has been so overwhelming! We as a unit have been overjoyed to see how many care about us! The morale across the unit has risen to something I've never seen before. Especially amongst the lower ranking single soldiers and females! No one was forgotten! And we absolutely love the letters from so many interesting and compassionate supporters including retiree service members with amazing stories to help encourage us here! We couldn't do this without all of you. We've seen some hard days and it's amazing to be remembered and cared for! Thank you all so much!!!

12 Feb 2017
Thank you so much for caring and helping your armed forces! We are the 601st QM Airborne! We jump out of airplanes and helicopters to get supplies and personnel to troops in hostile areas. Being overseas to protect NATO interest we don't have access to many comforts of home. It can be hard for many soldiers, especially new enlisted. Our living conditions change due to mission. We have 220 electric but some have transformers for 110 appliances. We live in structures but have tdy and fields every few weeks putting us in outdoor conditions, which can include snow, rain, or intense heat. We have access to phones, stove, microwave, showers. We have laundry facilities when not in field. The unit could use toiletries(Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, cotton swabs, shaving lotion, disposable razors, shampoo, conditioner, individually packaged tissues), pre-packaged non-perishable food and condiments, phone charging cords and portable battery chargers(I.e. iPhone 6/galaxy/mini USB), folding pocket knives (following any us mail laws), feminine products (pads, tampons, soft cups, hygiene products), laundry products (detergent, softener, bleach, stain remover), green or black crew socks( men sizes 8-14/ woman's size 5-12), pens/pencils, art supplies(drawing, painting, etc.), popular fiction books(fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, action, no romance please), sewing kits, Us coded DVDs, US coded video games for entertainment/morale, energy bars, beef jerky, gum, ziploc bags, birthday cards, letters, postcards, Disposable hand warmers, sd memory cards for digital cameras, sunglasses, games (board, card, frisbees, hacky-sack, footballs), batteries, stamps for mailing, reminders of home (special city based products or snacks). Some soldiers have families with kids, maybe coloring books, crayons, craft projects, themed kids fabric for making deployment dolls, legos, dolls, stickers,school supplies, work books, snacks, etc. Thank you so much for supporting to 601st!!! Hooah!

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(Note 1.): Note that postage to APO AE and FPO AE (E = Europe) is only to NY where the connection to the APO/FPO (APO = Army Post Office)(FPO = Fleet Post Office) is, or to San Francisco for APO AP and FPO AP (P = Pacific), so you don't pay postage all the way to Iraq/Afghanistan. You might consider picking contacts closer to your mailing area to help cut the cost of mailing. If you live on the East Coast, pick "AE", West Coast, pick "AP", Midwest, well...uh, Thank You for your Support! ;)

New with us (December 2005) you might notice "APO AA" and "FPO AA". This is for units in the Caribbean/South America. Normally. However, due to the nature of some units they may be in Iraq but have an address showing "FPO AA". Mail addresses to "AA" goes out of Miami, Florida.

(Note 2.): Why are military addresses weird? There isn't a street address or city. What gives? Correct, just about everything about the military is weird to civilians. Military units are very mobile, they move around a lot, often they even become part of another unit. The APO (Army Post Office) and FPO (Fleet Post Office) assign APO and FPO numbers as needed, they are NOT static. An APO/FPO number may be for a large unit, or a location. An APO/FPO number for Baghdad today may be for Frankfurt tomorrow.

(Note 3.): The "Expect to not mail past" date is only an approximate and is one of the least reliable things on this web site. It is because of this that you must check often before you send anything to this unit. There are a few reasons this date is not reliable, to include: it IS the Military, we ARE dealing with the APO/FPO/DPO. The only thing that does not change in the military is that things will change. PLEASE NOTE that a Contact is dropped off our active list 30 days PRIOR to their date leaving to help avoid mail bouncing.

(Note 4.): (Removed for OPSEC reasons)

(Note 5.): The lines, "Contact with approx number of Soldiers:" and "Approx how may Female Soldiers:" have NOTHING to do with unit strength. They are approximately how many other Troops the Contacts believe they can get packages to. This helps you understand that you should not send 100 packages to someone who only deals with 10 Troops.
Don't forget that if your package is for a female Soldier, be sure to change "ATTN: Any Soldier®" to "ATTN: Any Female Soldier".

( Note 6.): This is simply where the unit this contact is from. This is NOT a true picture of the folks in the unit as most all units are made up of folks from all over the United States.) A "Composite Unit" is one made up of other units and is usually temporary for a particular mission.

( Note 7.): Updated APO/FPO/DPO mailing restrictions> courtesy of (gone now) (Note: About Restriction "U2": "U2 - Limited to First Class Letters", Box "R" is for retired personnel that live overseas and are still authorized an APO/FPO box. Their address will be something like Box 3345R. Doubt you will see anything like that in Afghanistan or Iraq or ...)(Please Note: Sometime in August 2013, changed the code on their page and our form doesn't work with them anymore, so a link to their page is the best we can do, sorry.)

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