Where ARE the War Zones?

There are a lot of ways to find them, some authorized, many not. Because we simply can't keep up with this, we have to leave it up to you. One way to see where the war zones are is to reference who is getting 'Hostile Fire Pay' from the Department of Defense document "DOD 7000.14-R, Vol 7A, Ch 10". Of course you can "Google" this but we don't know how up to date and accurate it is.

Another problem with a "War Zone" is that most troops there will not experience combat. Some 80% of troops assigned to war zones are actually Combat Support "CS" or Combat Service Support "CSS". Most will never even hear a shot fired. We have to go by what the contact says. Did you know that the first Female Soldier to earn a Bronze Star was Military Police? (which is either a CS or CSS position). So we can't generalize.

Watch out for titles too, as they may be greatly exaggerated. Being a 'Chief' or '(fill in the blank) Boss' may sound impressive, but to find out they only have that title during the midnight shift means that something isn't as it seems. A senior person assigned to midnight shift is there because they can't find a better place for them.

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