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Web Site Keeps Soldiers at Arms Length

Sonny Dubose keeps in touch with his son via the internet.

Major Jon Dubose with an Iraqi child.

AnySoldier.com Web Site

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Many of South Carolina's finest are serving our country far away from home. The distance can be hard on their families, but now thanks to the internet, those soldiers are just a click away.

"That's Jon, that's my son," said Sonny Dubose as he watched his computer screen. It's been months since he last saw his son; Major Jon Dubose who's serving in Iraq until next September.

"It's a dangerous mission, but you know as he says 80% of the people over there are appreciative of us being there," said Dubose.

With thousands of miles and several time zones separating them, keeping in contact isn't easy. That's where AnySoldier.com comes in.

"It's a superb Web Site and I think every American ought to visit it," said Dubose.

The Web Site was started by a family who wanted to support their soldier son. What the troops need, where to send it and how to get it there is a big part of what the site is all about. But it also allows soldiers to post messages and pictures so family and friends can feel a little closer to them.

Major Dubose is a pediatrician. His father says his son is taking care of children in Iraq, just like he does here at home. "It's been absolutely critical and wonderful," said Dubose.

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