Thank you for your generous donation

for the Bath in a Bag kits for



The original idea of sending a few toiletries in ziploc bags blossomed into over 85 pounds of toiletries, snacks, and first aid items, twenty-four special under-armor t-shirts, and, of course, gifts for the local children. These were sent to four different units in Afghanistan and Iraq. This link will tell you a little about the contacts.


These are the goodies in small ziploc bags to keep snacks and toiletries separate. The table is over 8 feet long and the bags were spilling off the edges



This is a typical Bath in a Bag kit from the lists of requests from the soldiers:

Soaps, shampoo, lotion, Carmex, various personal hygiene items, razor, comb, Kleenex, band aids, heavy duty rubber bands, cotton pads, “helmet liners,” baby wipes, hand sanitizer, dental care items.

For fun: candies, teas, jerky, and mints were also included.

Clothes pins inscribed with “Thank You” and “We Care”

And candles labeled “Thanks for keeping liberty’s torch lit” with the Statue of Liberty



Instead of just a zip loc bag, Sharon suggested a cloth bag (good idea, Sis). We found these cotton terry shop towels for just 33 cents each. After running a ribbon along the bottom and side, they became bags that could easily convert to small towels, absorbent pillow covers, or polish rags for those humvees—with a pull of a knot. We had enough for 46 kits.


Maggie is guarding the precious cargo while they are zipped locked (Invest in ZipLoc stock!) with a letter of gratitude and an extra trash bag for dirty clothes. In the background are some of the toys for the local children—felt tip pens, balloons, UV protective sunglasses, sparkly sticker paper, etc.


Boxed up and ready to be taped. Each box had a few extras in it, like citronella sticks, jerky, nuts, and, most importantly…


Cards and Letters from

Mrs. Savko’s

First Grade Class


St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School



Thank you to everyone who donated time, money, and effort:


Catherine Camarena

Pat Camarena

Cynthia Cox

Judy Doran

Jane DuBelko

Linda Fitzgerald

Richard Fowler

Terry & Tom Hammel

CHW Sacramento Managed Care and PFS Departments

Eric Nemeth

Denise Nemeth


Eric Nemeth

Melissa Nemeth

Rebecca Nemeth

Norma Reherer

Pat Rocha

Hiroko Saigo

Mrs. Savko’s First Grade

Rubennette Spencer

Sharon & Paul Stoner

Marla Stuart

Mari Zieour


With the extra money, we ordered 24 of the special HydroDuct under-armor t-shirts. These t-shirts make wearing armor full time possible in the desert climate. A big thank you to Betty at Campmor for not charging us shipping although the packages did not meet their free shipping limits.


Bob and Kathy Camarena


P.S. A special shout out to Pat and Tom of KNCI for suggesting the site.